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The following are the most frequently asked questions on identity, travel, residence, and international citizenship. Please keep in mind that the requirements may vary as per different countries and only the general questions are answered below. If you have any questions, which need clarification, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

The majority of the clients are confused while selecting any agency for giving them the licenses and other visas. They are much infused in that scenario. So there are some of the facts based on which you can completely trust on us.

Trust is one of the essential things in any dealing and meeting. The first thing that can come to someone’s mind is that I should trust his agency or not. So in this scenario, we can proudly say that you can entirely rely on us because we have a well-reputed background, and our past services are too good that customers are much satisfied. Customers’ satisfaction level is much raised that they refer the other clients to us so that our reputation is becoming stronger.

There will ultimately be a private meeting with our client and professional staff members to resolve the related issue. You can completely trust o them in any case. There will not be any restriction for asking any question; you can inquire about any confusion and question us about anything puzzling you. 

We are here to negotiate all your comments and problems and can entertain you with the best alternatives. We will give you all the information about dealing with issues and queries.

As far as the matter of examples of satisfied clients is, we cannot entertain you in that scenario, because our priority is to ensure the trust gain and make them confident about our services. As the documents are entirely a private thing and we cannot disclose someone’s privacy.

First,ask this same question to yourself that if you have to gain your second passport and other documentation from us, would you like to disclose it in front of the whole world?

There is no more straight forward answer to this question. Instead, you should ask yourself,why should you need a second passport? The answer to this question is to rely based on your intention for having driver’s license. By having a driver’s license for the country you deserves, there are lesser restrictions where you and your family can live in great comfort. 

The land where is no limitation of the religion, no regulation of what you are eating.No boundaries on what you are wearing. You can just simply enjoy all the facilities and necessities of life in that country. So if you need a second document for the traveling bass, you can go with the USA, CANADA and EUROPE drivers license’best options. You have access to the 170+ countries worldwide to get the visas. 

Yes! You can use our documents because all the records we gave you are the same as those of the authorities. The materials used in our papers are precisely the same as the documents of the sources are. The information stored in the database system is precisely the same type of information that we provide you in the form of documents. So you can easily use the records provided by us if you do not currently have the records of authorities. 

To produce a new assort for you, we have to trace your last passport information in the database system to erase all the previous knowledge recorded in the generation of the first passport. So yes! We can generate a new passport with the same information as you provided with the first passport. And yes! We can erase all your previous information.

Once we have produced a real document, then all your information is registered in the supposed database. So when your document expires, you have every right to go to the authorities of the issued Country for them to Renew your document and everything will be done without any problems. Once they check the system and see that your information is registered validly, they will renew your document without any problems. 

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How long does it take to buy a driving license from us?
From the moment you submit your information by correctly completing our form that contains all the elements of your identity that will be required to obtain the driver’s license, you must wait 3 to 5 days for your driver’s license to be sent to your address in one and discreet by our usual sending agency.

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Is the information on the information form sufficient for the design of the driving license?
Well, yes, use the form below, the required information is quite complete because you can send us your photo of some of your documents and any other information directly through this site via your telephone or your computer. Do not worry about your data, because the sending is secured by end-to-end encryption and therefore your data is safe.

Should I leave my driving school?
Of course no. If you are already enrolled in a driving school, you can still follow your driving courses, especially those practical. You do not need to do the written and practical exams. We make it easy for you to get a driver’s license, but you need to master driving.

As for the anonymity of the buyer, is it preserved?
The services on this site are subject to strict confidentiality rules in which the anonymity of the buyer is fully protected both manually and by encrypting the data, making the data entered on this site completely inaccessible to third parties and hackers.

Do we need to question the veracity of your document?
Of course no, The driving license you get is totally legal and registered in the state databases concerned with your document so that you never have any problems with the police or any other institution or person. 

What If You Produce Me A Real Document And It Expires, How Will I Renew It If I Don’t Find You Guys Again?
Once we have produced you a license, all your information will be registered in the database system. So when your document expires, you have every right to go to the authorities of your Country for them to Renew your document and everything will be done without any problems. Once they check the system and see that your information is registered validly, they will renew your document without any problems.

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